Inspiring Hope Run 5k/10k with Kids Dash
 Mukileto, WA

About This Event

5K and 10K timed runners will start together at 9:00. Please arrange yourself within the group according to your expected pace with rabbits up front, turtles in back.
The 10k and 5k Run routes are roughly the same for about 2.5 miles as they travel around the golf course on sidewalks, paved running paths and coned running lanes. This portion of the course is generally flat with an overall downhill grade. There will be just a couple of inclines to get you to the 5k Finish Line. The 5k Walk route mirrors the 5k Run but on the opposite side of the street to avoid any conflicts between runners and walkers.
Shortly before the 5k finish, the 10k route splits off to explore even more of the area. This portion of the route is on sidewalks with some paved running paths and coned running lanes as well. You'll experience two sloping hills followed by a general downhill to take you into the 10k Finish Line. Water stations will be available at 2.1 miles and 4.2 miles.

Event Schedule

May 12
9:00am – 2:00pm

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Adult Entertainment

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Please email [email protected]