AACR Philadelphia Marathon Health & Fitness Expo
 Philadelphia, PA
 Reg. Deadline: 11/01/2018

About This Event

The 2018 AACR Marathon Weekend Health & Fitness Expo brings the top vendors and exhibitors with the best and latest in foot and outerwear, health and nutrition aids, food and drink sampling, safetyware, specialized jewelry, cookware, listening devices, instructional information, books for runners and much more. As the Marathon will celebrate its 25th Anniversary, the Expo opens with a major press conference along with surprise guests on Friday, November 16th. The Expo also offers a seminar experts in various fields offer tips on running, avoiding injuries, anxiety, women and safety, nutrition, correct footwear and an in depth Marathon course review by LEGacy Charter Member Mark Sullivan. Additionally, two running legends Bill Rodgers and Bart Yasso will also be on hand to share their experiences over their illustrious years and answer your most pressing questions about running. The Dunkin' Munchkin Zone by Dunkin' Donuts will be outfitted with activities all weekend for the little ones and big ones too! The Health & Fitness Expo will something for everyone!

Event Schedule

Nov 16
12:00pm – 9:00pm
Nov 17
10:00am – 7:00pm


Participants represent all demographics, Unemployed, students, college/university students, lower, middle and upper class.

Female/Male Gender Split

54 %46 %


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Past or Current Sponsors and Vendors

Previous Year Total Exhibitors, Vendors and Sponsors: 99

City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, American Association for Cancer Research, Dietz & Watson, Rothman Institute, Gatorade, ACME, DOLE, All Whites, Yards, LEXUS, LYFT, Philadelphia Runner, UPS, V8, Virgo III, Island Photography, NBC10/Telemundo62, Lundberg Family Farms

Special Notes

Booth selection is provided once payment is made in full via charge or when check has cleared the issuing bank.

Prohibited Categories

Adult Entertainment

Event Terms and Cancellation Policy

Event registration terms and conditions apply. There are no refunds.